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Organic Search

From 0 Total Rankings to 146; From 0 Number One Rankings to 27; From 61 Monthly Unique Visitors to 806. Click Here


"We captured 2nd place in the International Newspaper Marketing Association competition for our microsite." Click Here

:60 Radio Spot

Joe the Plumber was famous before the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Listen and laugh to Joe the Plumber. Click Here

Corporate Identity

Independence Brewing Company. Fresh from Philadelphia. Quality not quantity. Declare your independence. Click Here

Video Wall

Residential Communications Network launched two retail stores in Boston and NY featuring the RCN Video Wall. Click Here

STARBURST® Packaging

Developed packing concepts for M&M MARS changemaker counter displays including STRARBURST® and MILKY WAY®. Click Here

Interactive Graphic Animation

Play Pick The Pistone, with your hosts Hall-of-Fame goalie Bernie Parent and Flyers hockey analyst Steve Coates. Click the image above to play the game and learn more.   Click Here

Invisalign® Print Ad

Created the campaign: LIKE WEARING NOTHING AT ALL. The next generation in braces. Removable. Comfortable. Invisible. Click Here

Print and E-commerce Catalog

“The company grew from a grand total of literally $50 to $5,000,000 in annual sales.” Click Here

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Why Harris Advertising?


Madison Avenue at a fraction of the cost. That’s why.

Harris Advertising is not your father’s agency. Harris Advertising is a “virtual agency” – an agency without walls. Uniquely structured. Uniquely staffed. Uniquely cost efficient and effective. Simply put, it works.


Harris Advertising is a MACRO company. MACRO is a worldwide consortium of like-minded marketing communications professionals – an expansive network of independent marketing and communications professionals and specialized vertical companies available on an as need basis. We utilize this pool of talent to help us help our clients market themselves more effectively and cost efficiently.


Futurists and national business publications have been pontificating and predicting an anticipated paradigm altering phenomenon of the new millennium: the virtual organization. What’s been foreseen is the evolution of cooperative marketing and operations efforts in which multiple organizations form ad hoc teams to complete specific projects or programs and, then, go their separate ways when the work is completed. One of the most logical areas for this concept to be applied is in advertising.


We understand the importance of cost/value, cash flow and profitability to clients’ businesses just as to our own.  There is no overhead to cover and no long-term commitments that lock you into specific individuals, combinations of resources or ongoing costs. Just results.


Commenting on the consortium’s acronym, Harris explains that, in data processing, a ‘macro’ is a pre-programmed action that can later be automatically executed in its entirety with a simple combination of keystrokes. “Because all of our people have proven track records as self-starters and high performers,” Harris says, “like a ‘macro’ they are ready to go to work immediately with little or no learning curve.”


Harris goes on to state, “I’ve always said give me top talent – art, copy, production, media … put us all in a mobile home with laptops and we will compete with any Madison Avenue agency at a fraction of the cost.”


We don’t have a mobile home just top talent on an as need basis.